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Medical Emergency During Dental Treatment Can Be Avoided

What happens if you have a serious medical emergency during dental treatment? Can your dental staff really handle this type of problem? Do they know who to call or is it dial 911 and hope everything is ok? Is your office equipped with emergency kits or are you praying that the emergency medical people get there in time.

medical emergency during dental treatment

Well, actually depending on where your office is located it really could take anywhere from 4 minutes to 45 minutes to any type of medical services to arrive. If you are having any type of reaction that need rapid treatment then that is a major problem when fast treatment can be the difference saving a life.

Do you know that 7.5 medical emergency during dental treatment per dentist happened over a 10 year period during a survey of 4,000 dentists? Usually the common emergencies are seizures, fainting, or even allergic reactions. If your office isn’t prepared then you need to have a dental emergency kit on hand.

A kit should have the following items in it:

  • ammonia inhalants
  • epinephrine in 1:1000 dose with 3 empty syringes for loading
  • instant glucose, 1 tubes
  • nitroglycerine tablets
  • benadryl in 50 ml ampule with syringe included
  • ambu-bag, 1 adult
  • aspirin 325mg, 3 packets
  • racepinehprine

Really, every office should have some time of emergency protocol and all your staff should be certified in basic life support or also know CPR. The plan should outline who is responsible for what type of job so that chaos doesn’t creep in while you deal with an emergency. You should be checking your kits and updating protocols every month so everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing. This is something that needs to happen when turnover goes on in the office.

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Emergency Dental Kit can Save Lives and Your Practice

As every dentist knows an emergency dental kit can help save a life because dental emergencies can happen during the course of practice. These emergencies though can occur unexpectedly when you are working on a patient. Usually without proper treatment these emergencies can turn into something life-threatening.

Emergency Dental Kit

Making sure that your dental emergency kit has the right type of treatment items you can ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a dental emergency kit made?
  • What is in your emergency dental kit?
  • Where is your emergency kit placed?
  • Does your staff know where the emergency kit is?

You can create a document to help you know whats in your dental emergency kit and the exasperation dates on anything that within the kit. Having this updated is vital to every emergency dental kit because out of date items could put patients at even more risk.

You should also have some type of sheet that will have the CANAL acronym on it. This can assist you with many different type of emergencies along with emergency drugs that could help treat those emergencies.


  • Chest pain – oxygen, nitroglycerin
  • Ventricular Fibrillation: ACLS drugs
  • Dysrhythmias: ACLS drugs
  • Myocardial infarction: oxygen, aspirin


  • Foreign body obstruction: airway techniques
  • Aspiration/Emesis: airway techniques
  • Hyperventilation
  • Bronchospasm: oxygen, epinephrine
  • Larygnospasm: oxygen


  • Anxiety
  • Stroke
  • Seizures
  • Panic attack
  • Transient ischemic attack

Allergic and drug reaction

  • Latex allergy: diphenhydramine (benadryl)
  • Epinephrine overdose
  • Allergic reaction: diphenhydramine (benadryl)
  • Anaphylaxis: epinephrine, diphenhydramine, albuterol, dexamethasone
  • Local anesthetic overdose: oxygen
  • Benzodiazepine overdose
  • Narcotic overdose

Loss of consciousness

  • Stroke
  • Sudden cardiac arrest
  • Syncope: ammonia
  • Hypoglycemia: glucose

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Dental Care Emergency – Deadly Dentistry?

Can you imagine that a dental patient dies about every day in the United States? This information comes from only one state, Texas. You ask why just this one state? It is because Texas is the only state that requires all dentist to report all deaths that may be treatment related. Most other states report they don’t know when asked to report the number of deaths. What does this say about dental care emergency readiness?

dental care emergency

Even if all states did require reporting, we’d miss the big picture. That’s because most states have different reporting rules — requiring disclosure only if a death is sedation-related, for instance.

However the number of deaths and injuries are but a tiny fraction of all dental visits. This is no reason to stop or to avoid going to the dentist which in turn would create a whole different set of health risks.

Why do dental patients die?

This simple questions inspired at least two requests for underlying death numbers and state secrecy has halted each effort.

Dr. Michael Mashni, who is a sedation expert began asking California for this information and hearing about a 4-year-old’s death. He said he was shocked by a statistic attributed to the board: 55 dental patients in that state had died in four years.

Mashni requested all dental care emergency information on each those cases, of course with patients’ and dentists’ identities protected. The Dental Board of California agreed to provide detailed summaries, although it said it had retained files on only about half of the cases.

That is when the story changed. After Mashni paid for data-compilation costs, the board said that only 24 patients had died — and that almost all records related to its investigations were confidential. The only exceptions came in three cases that had led to discipline.

Mashni reminded the board that its main purpose was to protect the public. Death reports can be shredded after a single review, he said a board employee told him. ” If Dentist A had issues and Dentist B said that everything was done within the standards set forth, then there would be no discipline and the record would be destroyed”. The main question that should stand out is “Are the care standards high enough?”

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Dental Emergencies – Can Staff Turnover Effect It?

Many dentists have all the pieces in place to have a successful practice. Personnel are trained for dental emergencies and even on how to screen for oral cancer. The one problem remaining is retaining staff. This takes time and money away from your practice for continually training staff and it often becomes an issue.

dental emergencies

Here are a few ways that turnover can hurt a practice and increase cost:

  • Stress on your key staff –  You usually have a few people on your staff that have been around for awhile. This is great but undue stress can happen to these people if they are always training new staff members. They take on more work because no one else can. Things will start falling through the cracks. Doesn’t seem fair does it?
  • Lost Momentum – Most practices should be growing but due to turnover they often lose momentum. The industry is growing at a rapid pace but you seem to be stuck. Turnover can affect new patient potential because they are not trained right. That’s when the potential patient will move on to someone who they feel they can trust. If you are constantly filling your staff then it may be happening enough to slow, or even stop your growth. Your readiness for a dental emergencies is constantly compromised. The ever-changing staff can’t find the proper equipment and has no idea of a process for readiness or prevention.
  • More People Issues – The stress level is usually high when starting a new job. If you don’t have experienced and friendly crew to meet the newest members you are leaving yourself open to issues within your team. This leads to stress on your office manager and yourself to deal with these or else you have the risk of losing even more people.

This list of hidden turnover costs will hopefully lead you to seek help in creating a stable workplace. Being prepared for dental emergencies should also be part of the workplace staff concerns. The products and resources on this site can help you with dental staff turnover and much more.

Oral Cancer Screening

In the United States alone an average of one person dies every hour from oral cancer. This makes it very important for a dental office to be familiar with oral cancer screening and examination techniques. This should include the preparatory steps both for extraoral and intraoral examination. We offer a series of videos inside a DVD package to help dental staff learn how an oral cancer screening procedure is properly executed and how it is appropriately documented.

Oral Cancer Screening

This oral cancer examination is advised before you proceed to the use of any adjunct technologies of oral cancer screening for instance, ViziLite, Saphire, Trimira, Orascoptic and VELscope.

The Video Package offered here provides the following oral cancer exam information:

  • A stepwise demonstration of all the techniques for all the crucial anatomical structures within your oral cavity
  • The videos highlights how the examination procedure is executed in less than a 4 minute period!
  • Improvements for both the VizaLite and VELscope examinations.
  • Listen to a “top notch dental defense attorney” to find out what might ensue in case a dentist is found incapable of performing a thorough oral cancer examination
  • Also, you can listen to “true stories” narrated directly by survivors of oral cancers and the dental professionals who helped them survive through this disease.
  • Moreover, you get a chance to acquaint yourself with all the structures within the oral cavity that are usually ignored during an oral examination procedure.
  • You get to learn the significance the early detection of oral cancer holds as early diagnosis is the key to a good prognosis.
  • The CD also highlights the statistical analysis of the victims of oral cancer.

This video DVD package was awarded  the “Best New DVD Award” twice by the Clinical Research Associates commonly known as C.R.A.! The Clinical Research Associates also labelled the DVD package as the “Best Accompanying Product for a VELscope examination”. This terrific DVD package has also been put on display in DentalTown and HygieneTown which is a huge achievement! Click for great oral cancer exam reviews.

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Dental Medical Emergency – Managing a Situation

Be prepared for a dental medical emergency! If you’re familiar with the Boy Scouts, then you should know that is their motto – “Be Prepared”. The motto applies perfectly to the modern dental practice. More important, not many Boy Scout’s have been arraigned in court for a negligence trial or even worse as some dentists have experienced.

Dental Medical Emergency


But how prepared are you? Almost every day in your dental practice are planned routines to help keep everything running. However, what if there on a particular day things turn out badly and a patient falls sick, has an adverse reaction, suffers a stroke, or cardiac arrest?

Are you and your staff ready to handle an emergency medical situation and do you even know where to start?

Most of the time the answer to the previous question is NO, and in addition to the life of the patient at risk, the practice could also face legal proceedings.

Prevention and Reaction. A pictorial Guide

Equipping yourself with the knowledge of what first steps to take if a patient needs urgent medical attention is very important considering the limited time and considering that this could be a matter of life and death. The 28 page full-color pictorial guide to medical emergencies in the dental office by Dr. Mark J. Castle is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to handle any type of dental medical emergency situation and additionally the proper ways of recording the unfortunate event. This informative guide provides guidance on the right way to structure emergency protocols and has been endorsed by many medical professionals describing it as a “must-have item” in “present day dentistry”

If you check our website:, we offer step by step DVD video tutorials for individuals that work in the dental practice, showing them the symptoms to watch out for and how to immediately swing into action whenever there is a medical emergency.

The Full Package

Our unique Dental Medical Emergency DVD package covers everything you need to know in order to offer that proper care and attention to your patients while making available all necessary information required to create an emergency protocol while fulfilling the compulsory medical and legal documentation. The package is loaded with the dental office emergencies DVD, an 8 page office policy manual , a 25 page workbook and has been endorsed by medical professional describing it as a “must have item” by Dr. Woody Oakes of “Excellence in Dentistry”.

The essential DVD explains from start to finish all you need to know on how best to handle any dental emergency situation and the appropriate steps to take whenever the need arises. Proper medical documentation of the events can help office staff relay the information to all parties that need to know in an emergency situation. This includes why it is very important to know the patient’s blood pressure before going ahead in administering a local anesthetic.

The products mention above are rated as one of the best available at a reasonable price and are recommended by some of the leading professionals in dentistry.

Dr. Howard Farran, Founder and CEO of dental magazines “Dentaltown”, “Hygienetown” and “Orthotown” said of Dr. Mark J. Castle: “his materials is highly recommended by me and I suggest you go for it ”.

In similar manner, Dental Malpractice Attorney Jeffrey Tonner JD also endorses Dr. Mark J. Castle’s DVD and emphasized that it is very important for every dental professional to review and update every patient’s medical record at each dental appointment. Tonner emphasizes that many medical emergency incidents and legal settlements could have been prevented by following the protocol outlined by Dr. Castle.

Dental Staff Losing Sleep – Does it Affect Them?

Loss of sleep has a harmful impact on workers and dental staff by:

  • Distorting staff judgment
  • Making worker’s thoughts hazy
  • Making staff members lose focus
  • It makes it extremely hard for people to carry out tasks as they should, particularly if staff work from home without any work site pressure.

Dental Staff

Lack of sleep greatly affects dentists and members of their staff as they are providing dental care need to be on top of their game.

How Sleep Apnea Affects You

Sleep apnea is an ailment which leads to a lot of tiredness due to lack of sleep which has an impact on driving, your interactions with any person and this will affect your work principles and the way you generally function in the course of your day.

Many times, sleep apnea mostly manifests itself as disruptions in your sleep. This is normally triggered by snoring which can become worse with time due to shortage or sleep or proper sleeping.

Sleep apnea is very prevalent and will affect your life, leaving you moody, extremely sensitive and lacking in a sense of humor, as far as life is concerned. If you have not had adequate sleep and you go to work, it affects all the people near you as it makes working lack any happiness, which might have existed earlier. Tiredness experienced every day will lead to shortage of output and this will lead to an increase of dangerous occurrences in the place of work.

How Dental Staff Members are affected by Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep certainly has an impact on members of dental staff in extremely harmful ways, particularly if they are continuously rushing from one room to another and at no time sit down.

Members of dental staff are responsible for patient records and assisting the dentists with any of their requirements like checking a patient prior to the dentist examining them.

As members of dental staff are responsible for records, they need to make sure that everything connected to every patient is in order, as far as personal records are concerned. But, if a team member is experiencing sleep shortage, catastrophes could occur in regard to documentation. If not this, an omission might happen in the documentation.

Recurring tiredness and loss of memory are two harmful impacts of sleep shortage. These should be prevented when it concerns a member of staff in a dental office as these two characteristics are very vital. Dentists and their members of staff should not be tired at all in relation to working on the teeth of their patients.

Memory is very vital in this circumstance as members of staff should be aware of what records and other elements should be documented for every patient individually.

It is very vital for members of the dental staff to have the correct quantity of sleep which they will need to manage to work efficiently and perform their roles appropriately. This is normally around eight to nine hours each night. Acquiring the correct quantity of sleep is going to make sure that your concentration remains in the appropriate place. You are not going to be exhausted and your decisions will be sound.

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Emergency Kit for Dental Office – First Aid Treatment Tips

Dental emergencies or facial injuries are common and can occur at any time. Since everyone prefers to remain healthy, it is good to have some tips for both families and the dentist on treatment of these emergencies. Below are six top first aid treatment and vital steps that should be followed in taking care of dental emergencies or facial injuries. Though the relief maybe temporal, but they very important because they assist in keeping the situation under control before appropriate repair or healing. Similar to the case of any other injury, always seek counseling with personal care from your dentist or physician. In addition, the dentist should always have an emergency kit for dental office for such occurrences.

emergency kit for dental office

Bitten Tongue/Cut Lip

Use a cloth to clean gently. Try to reduce the chances of swelling up by applying cold compresses. In the case of continues bleeding, rush the injured person to medical emergency services. After bleeding has mostly stopped, try using warm salt water to rinse gently.

 Broken Jaw (possible)

Don’t allow the jaw to move, try to permanent it in one place by tying the head round with a scarf, necktie, or towel. Try to reduce the chances of swelling up by applying cold compresses. Rush to your dentist or those in charge of emergency services for help immediately.

Broken Tooth

Use warm water to rinse the mouth. Do your possible best to clean dirt way, blood, or debris from the affected area through the utilization of sterile gauze or a neat cloth and warm water. Try placing cold compresses on the face next to the injured tooth to reduce the chances of swelling up. Contact your dentist immediately. Keep the piece of teeth that is broken in a small container of whole milk.

Knocked-Out Tooth

It is estimated that over two million teeth are knocked out accidentally every year and it may shock you to know that more than 90% would have been saved if proper treatment was given to them.

Hold the tooth, from the crown (top part) and rinse off the root. You should not scrub or take away any tissue fragment attached. Hold the tooth carefully in its socket. (Young kids might mistakenly swallow; carefully apply wisdom.) If thing are not working properly, try and put the tooth in a cup of cold whole milk. Don’t use milk that is low in fat, powdered milk, or milk product like yogurt. Don’t ever make the mistake of placing the tooth in a mouthwash or alcohol. Abstain from scrubbing the tooth or any physical contact by touching the root end. Rush to your dentist as fast as possible (approximately 30 minutes) for proper attention.

Objects Stuck Between Teeth

Use gliding dental floss between teeth – sometimes a tiny knot in the floss maybe very helpful, as well. Don’t ever make use of any sharp or pointed object. Seek the assistance of your dentist, if you are finding it difficult removing the object.


There are so many incidents that may result to toothache. Use warm water to rinse the month. Take away any food trapped between teeth through the help of dental floss. Don’t ever try using aspirin on the tooth or gum tissues. In a case where cavity is suspected, place a tiny cotton ball or cotton tip which may be first soaked on oil of cloves (eugenol). With cotton if swelling in the face or pus is observed. Contact your dentist for help immediately.

It’s good to always seek advice from a dentist, if you need to make any inquires in respect to any dental emergencies. Also, your dentist and every dentist should have an emergency kit for dental office available.

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Dental Emergency Kit is Important Precaution for a Medical Crisis

What would happen if a medical emergency took place in your office? Whose duty is it to call 911 and deliver the oxygen to the scene? Is your dental team ready for a medical emergency which may occur in your office one day? Is there a dental emergency kit readily available in the office?

dental emergency kit


I participated in a seminar whereby the presenter illustrated a scene in a dental office. The paramedics arrived to find the patient unconcious in the chair; the office staff was praying because they were not aware of the next course of action!

A single emergency can alter your dental practice forever! It’s not too late to get ready!

This website offers products including various dental emergency kit and accompanying medical emergency supplies for the office of the dentist. Additionally, essential training materials presented by Dr Mark Castle’s help your whole dental office staff be ready for any dental emergency. These products & materials include the following:

  • Dental Emergency Kit
  • A DVD video training guide, which is simple to follow
  • Office policy manual & pictoral guide.
  • Workbook
  • DVD Package for Oral cancer and quick guide.

The training materials offer the team including dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, personnel at front office as well as physicians and their teams with important practice guidelines and written procedure for preparation for a medical emergency.

A single emergency can alter your dental practice forever! It’s not too late to get ready!

Dr Woody Oakes states: “This package and dental emergency kit is a ‘must have’ for each dental office”.

The dental emergency training materials include the following essential guidelines:

  • The patients who are high risk
  • The medical history queries normally ignored.
  • The staff and dental team responsibilities which are important in a medical emergency.
  • The vital data that is essential when contacting 911.
  • The crucial emergency medicine ADA recommends.
  • The dental processes which lead to the highest hazard for medical emergencies.
  • The reason it is mandatory to take blood pressures before local anesthesia.

The dental emergency legal training materials include the following critical elements:

  • Pay attention to a ‘leading defense attorney’ and discover his views on ‘medical emergencies’ and what befell a dentist and his team who were unprepared!
  • Get to know what ‘tactics’ lawyers are utilizing to get new clients/plaintiffs.
  • Get to know why dentists are easy targets awaiting to be sued for a medical emergency which has gone awry!
  • Get to know the reason appropriate documentation might be the sole defense you have in a case for medical litigation. Are you carrying it out well?
  • Get to know the reason Independent C.R.A. evaluators making up 81% suggested this item but did not incorporate it in their newsletter.

After the practices of emergency and oral cancer available from this website are implemented in your medical or dental office, the advantages include:

  • Enhanced care of patients, through early detection and identification of oral cancer and medical emergencies.
  • Keep away expensive legal payments for failure to implement medical emergency procedures and oral cancer procedures.
  • Put the minds of each healthcare provider ‘at peace’ by enhancing the ‘standard of care’ which you provide to your patients.

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