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Dental Emergencies – Can Staff Turnover Effect It?

Many dentists have all the pieces in place to have a successful practice. Personnel are trained for dental emergencies and even on how to screen for oral cancer. The one problem remaining is retaining staff. This takes time and money away from your practice for continually training staff and it often becomes an issue.

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Here are a few ways that turnover can hurt a practice and increase cost:

  • Stress on your key staff –  You usually have a few people on your staff that have been around for awhile. This is great but undue stress can happen to these people if they are always training new staff members. They take on more work because no one else can. Things will start falling through the cracks. Doesn’t seem fair does it?
  • Lost Momentum – Most practices should be growing but due to turnover they often lose momentum. The industry is growing at a rapid pace but you seem to be stuck. Turnover can affect new patient potential because they are not trained right. That’s when the potential patient will move on to someone who they feel they can trust. If you are constantly filling your staff then it may be happening enough to slow, or even stop your growth. Your readiness for a dental emergencies is constantly compromised. The ever-changing staff can’t find the proper equipment and has no idea of a process for readiness or prevention.
  • More People Issues – The stress level is usually high when starting a new job. If you don’t have experienced and friendly crew to meet the newest members you are leaving yourself open to issues within your team. This leads to stress on your office manager and yourself to deal with these or else you have the risk of losing even more people.

This list of hidden turnover costs will hopefully lead you to seek help in creating a stable workplace. Being prepared for dental emergencies should also be part of the workplace staff concerns. The products and resources on this site can help you with dental staff turnover and much more.

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2 Responses to “ Dental Emergencies – Can Staff Turnover Effect It? ”

  1. Dr. Fabio Cannavaro says:

    Great information on this site! I really appreciate the information about avoiding dental emergencies. Keep up the great work!

  2. Brad Strong DDS says:

    Staff turnover can be a killer on continuity of patient care. I just stumbled across your website and will surely check out the products here. Great blog information.