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Dental Emergency Kit is Important Precaution for a Medical Crisis

What would happen if a medical emergency took place in your office? Whose duty is it to call 911 and deliver the oxygen to the scene? Is your dental team ready for a medical emergency which may occur in your office one day? Is there a dental emergency kit readily available in the office?

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I participated in a seminar whereby the presenter illustrated a scene in a dental office. The paramedics arrived to find the patient unconcious in the chair; the office staff was praying because they were not aware of the next course of action!

A single emergency can alter your dental practice forever! It’s not too late to get ready!

This website offers products including various dental emergency kit and accompanying medical emergency supplies for the office of the dentist. Additionally, essential training materials presented by Dr Mark Castle’s help your whole dental office staff be ready for any dental emergency. These products & materials include the following:

  • Dental Emergency Kit
  • A DVD video training guide, which is simple to follow
  • Office policy manual & pictoral guide.
  • Workbook
  • DVD Package for Oral cancer and quick guide.

The training materials offer the team including dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, personnel at front office as well as physicians and their teams with important practice guidelines and written procedure for preparation for a medical emergency.

A single emergency can alter your dental practice forever! It’s not too late to get ready!

Dr Woody Oakes states: “This package and dental emergency kit is a ‘must have’ for each dental office”.

The dental emergency training materials include the following essential guidelines:

  • The patients who are high risk
  • The medical history queries normally ignored.
  • The staff and dental team responsibilities which are important in a medical emergency.
  • The vital data that is essential when contacting 911.
  • The crucial emergency medicine ADA recommends.
  • The dental processes which lead to the highest hazard for medical emergencies.
  • The reason it is mandatory to take blood pressures before local anesthesia.

The dental emergency legal training materials include the following critical elements:

  • Pay attention to a ‘leading defense attorney’ and discover his views on ‘medical emergencies’ and what befell a dentist and his team who were unprepared!
  • Get to know what ‘tactics’ lawyers are utilizing to get new clients/plaintiffs.
  • Get to know why dentists are easy targets awaiting to be sued for a medical emergency which has gone awry!
  • Get to know the reason appropriate documentation might be the sole defense you have in a case for medical litigation. Are you carrying it out well?
  • Get to know the reason Independent C.R.A. evaluators making up 81% suggested this item but did not incorporate it in their newsletter.

After the practices of emergency and oral cancer available from this website are implemented in your medical or dental office, the advantages include:

  • Enhanced care of patients, through early detection and identification of oral cancer and medical emergencies.
  • Keep away expensive legal payments for failure to implement medical emergency procedures and oral cancer procedures.
  • Put the minds of each healthcare provider ‘at peace’ by enhancing the ‘standard of care’ which you provide to your patients.

Order from the dental emergency products on this website or email to contact us today!


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  1. Bill B., DDS says:

    If you are prepared for an emergency then your office will run smooth in a crisis. I just got some products to help with that for my office. We are ready 🙂

  2. Dr. Larry P. says:

    This is a great write-up about a fantastic product & training program! It is fully explained, and should be kept available all the time in the dental office. They also have great dental emergency kit reviews on Google. Thank you.

  3. Sandra J. DMD says:

    Hi my name is Sandra and I discovered your Dental Emergency Kit product and education materials on this website. I have found key information on the site that I am going to apply to my dentist office. Thank you for your great contribution to the industry. 🙂

  4. Amparo B. DDS says:

    I like the helpful info that you provide to your articles. I have bookmarked your blog and will check here frequently so that I will be informed of the new dental emergency stuff you have here.
    Best of luck!