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Dental Medical Emergency – Managing a Situation

Be prepared for a dental medical emergency! If you’re familiar with the Boy Scouts, then you should know that is their motto – “Be Prepared”. The motto applies perfectly to the modern dental practice. More important, not many Boy Scout’s have been arraigned in court for a negligence trial or even worse as some dentists have experienced.

Dental Medical Emergency


But how prepared are you? Almost every day in your dental practice are planned routines to help keep everything running. However, what if there on a particular day things turn out badly and a patient falls sick, has an adverse reaction, suffers a stroke, or cardiac arrest?

Are you and your staff ready to handle an emergency medical situation and do you even know where to start?

Most of the time the answer to the previous question is NO, and in addition to the life of the patient at risk, the practice could also face legal proceedings.

Prevention and Reaction. A pictorial Guide

Equipping yourself with the knowledge of what first steps to take if a patient needs urgent medical attention is very important considering the limited time and considering that this could be a matter of life and death. The 28 page full-color pictorial guide to medical emergencies in the dental office by Dr. Mark J. Castle is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to handle any type of dental medical emergency situation and additionally the proper ways of recording the unfortunate event. This informative guide provides guidance on the right way to structure emergency protocols and has been endorsed by many medical professionals describing it as a “must-have item” in “present day dentistry”

If you check our website:, we offer step by step DVD video tutorials for individuals that work in the dental practice, showing them the symptoms to watch out for and how to immediately swing into action whenever there is a medical emergency.

The Full Package

Our unique Dental Medical Emergency DVD package covers everything you need to know in order to offer that proper care and attention to your patients while making available all necessary information required to create an emergency protocol while fulfilling the compulsory medical and legal documentation. The package is loaded with the dental office emergencies DVD, an 8 page office policy manual , a 25 page workbook and has been endorsed by medical professional describing it as a “must have item” by Dr. Woody Oakes of “Excellence in Dentistry”.

The essential DVD explains from start to finish all you need to know on how best to handle any dental emergency situation and the appropriate steps to take whenever the need arises. Proper medical documentation of the events can help office staff relay the information to all parties that need to know in an emergency situation. This includes why it is very important to know the patient’s blood pressure before going ahead in administering a local anesthetic.

The products mention above are rated as one of the best available at a reasonable price and are recommended by some of the leading professionals in dentistry.

Dr. Howard Farran, Founder and CEO of dental magazines “Dentaltown”, “Hygienetown” and “Orthotown” said of Dr. Mark J. Castle: “his materials is highly recommended by me and I suggest you go for it ”.

In similar manner, Dental Malpractice Attorney Jeffrey Tonner JD also endorses Dr. Mark J. Castle’s DVD and emphasized that it is very important for every dental professional to review and update every patient’s medical record at each dental appointment. Tonner emphasizes that many medical emergency incidents and legal settlements could have been prevented by following the protocol outlined by Dr. Castle.

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  1. Clint K., DDS says:

    You have got an interesting article here. Thank you for posting about managing emergency medical situations. Your website articles are helpful and the products are recommended.

  2. Mitch E. says:

    I like how you offer this medical emergency guide. I think that everyone should know how to handle any type of situation. Nice work 🙂