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Emergency Kit for Dental Office – First Aid Treatment Tips

Dental emergencies or facial injuries are common and can occur at any time. Since everyone prefers to remain healthy, it is good to have some tips for both families and the dentist on treatment of these emergencies. Below are six top first aid treatment and vital steps that should be followed in taking care of dental emergencies or facial injuries. Though the relief maybe temporal, but they very important because they assist in keeping the situation under control before appropriate repair or healing. Similar to the case of any other injury, always seek counseling with personal care from your dentist or physician. In addition, the dentist should always have an emergency kit for dental office for such occurrences.

emergency kit for dental office

Bitten Tongue/Cut Lip

Use a cloth to clean gently. Try to reduce the chances of swelling up by applying cold compresses. In the case of continues bleeding, rush the injured person to medical emergency services. After bleeding has mostly stopped, try using warm salt water to rinse gently.

 Broken Jaw (possible)

Don’t allow the jaw to move, try to permanent it in one place by tying the head round with a scarf, necktie, or towel. Try to reduce the chances of swelling up by applying cold compresses. Rush to your dentist or those in charge of emergency services for help immediately.

Broken Tooth

Use warm water to rinse the mouth. Do your possible best to clean dirt way, blood, or debris from the affected area through the utilization of sterile gauze or a neat cloth and warm water. Try placing cold compresses on the face next to the injured tooth to reduce the chances of swelling up. Contact your dentist immediately. Keep the piece of teeth that is broken in a small container of whole milk.

Knocked-Out Tooth

It is estimated that over two million teeth are knocked out accidentally every year and it may shock you to know that more than 90% would have been saved if proper treatment was given to them.

Hold the tooth, from the crown (top part) and rinse off the root. You should not scrub or take away any tissue fragment attached. Hold the tooth carefully in its socket. (Young kids might mistakenly swallow; carefully apply wisdom.) If thing are not working properly, try and put the tooth in a cup of cold whole milk. Don’t use milk that is low in fat, powdered milk, or milk product like yogurt. Don’t ever make the mistake of placing the tooth in a mouthwash or alcohol. Abstain from scrubbing the tooth or any physical contact by touching the root end. Rush to your dentist as fast as possible (approximately 30 minutes) for proper attention.

Objects Stuck Between Teeth

Use gliding dental floss between teeth – sometimes a tiny knot in the floss maybe very helpful, as well. Don’t ever make use of any sharp or pointed object. Seek the assistance of your dentist, if you are finding it difficult removing the object.


There are so many incidents that may result to toothache. Use warm water to rinse the month. Take away any food trapped between teeth through the help of dental floss. Don’t ever try using aspirin on the tooth or gum tissues. In a case where cavity is suspected, place a tiny cotton ball or cotton tip which may be first soaked on oil of cloves (eugenol). With cotton if swelling in the face or pus is observed. Contact your dentist for help immediately.

It’s good to always seek advice from a dentist, if you need to make any inquires in respect to any dental emergencies. Also, your dentist and every dentist should have an emergency kit for dental office available.

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