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Medical Emergency During Dental Treatment Can Be Avoided

What happens if you have a serious medical emergency during dental treatment? Can your dental staff really handle this type of problem? Do they know who to call or is it dial 911 and hope everything is ok? Is your office equipped with emergency kits or are you praying that the emergency medical people get there in time.

medical emergency during dental treatment

Well, actually depending on where your office is located it really could take anywhere from 4 minutes to 45 minutes to any type of medical services to arrive. If you are having any type of reaction that need rapid treatment then that is a major problem when fast treatment can be the difference saving a life.

Do you know that 7.5 medical emergency during dental treatment per dentist happened over a 10 year period during a survey of 4,000 dentists? Usually the common emergencies are seizures, fainting, or even allergic reactions. If your office isn’t prepared then you need to have a dental emergency kit on hand.

A kit should have the following items in it:

  • ammonia inhalants
  • epinephrine in 1:1000 dose with 3 empty syringes for loading
  • instant glucose, 1 tubes
  • nitroglycerine tablets
  • benadryl in 50 ml ampule with syringe included
  • ambu-bag, 1 adult
  • aspirin 325mg, 3 packets
  • racepinehprine

Really, every office should have some time of emergency protocol and all your staff should be certified in basic life support or also know CPR. The plan should outline who is responsible for what type of job so that chaos doesn’t creep in while you deal with an emergency. You should be checking your kits and updating protocols every month so everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing. This is something that needs to happen when turnover goes on in the office.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab our dental emergency kit and check out some of the supporting pictorial guides, videos & policy manuals today.

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