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Must Have For All Dentists

5-star-jerry-wilckThe Comprehensive Head and Neck Examination DVD is a must have for all dentists and dental hygienists.

These vital protocols need to be adopted by all dental offices.

– says Jerry Wilck, DDS,
Yardley, PA,

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2 Responses to “ Must Have For All Dentists ”

  1. Dr. Sam A. says:

    Hello my name is Sam and I am dropping you a quick note here instead of calling. The head and neck exam DVD is awesome for the dental practice. Thank you Dr. Jerry for the recommendation! We have found it exceptional for the dental assisting and dental hygienist staff.

    • Mike F. says:

      I am so excited and proud to say that I am a dental hygienist in Massachusetts. I have been practicing for 8 years and last year we passed the public health dental hygiene law. I have completed the necessary requirements to obtain this classification and now practice in public schools, pediatric offices and assisted living facilities. This is not for everyone as it is very costly to start and maintain a business, but it is very rewarding. I love working with and educating the whole family model in the pediatric offices providing treatment for the children but offering dental screenings and referrals to the parents. I will also be publishing public health dtaenl registry so that those of us in this new and exciting forefront can be in touch and so the public has a way to access the care they need.