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Oral Cancer Screening

In the United States alone an average of one person dies every hour from oral cancer. This makes it very important for a dental office to be familiar with oral cancer screening and examination techniques. This should include the preparatory steps both for extraoral and intraoral examination. We offer a series of videos inside a DVD package to help dental staff learn how an oral cancer screening procedure is properly executed and how it is appropriately documented.

Oral Cancer Screening

This oral cancer examination is advised before you proceed to the use of any adjunct technologies of oral cancer screening for instance, ViziLite, Saphire, Trimira, Orascoptic and VELscope.

The Video Package offered here provides the following oral cancer exam information:

  • A stepwise demonstration of all the techniques for all the crucial anatomical structures within your oral cavity
  • The videos highlights how the examination procedure is executed in less than a 4 minute period!
  • Improvements for both the VizaLite and VELscope examinations.
  • Listen to a “top notch dental defense attorney” to find out what might ensue in case a dentist is found incapable of performing a thorough oral cancer examination
  • Also, you can listen to “true stories” narrated directly by survivors of oral cancers and the dental professionals who helped them survive through this disease.
  • Moreover, you get a chance to acquaint yourself with all the structures within the oral cavity that are usually ignored during an oral examination procedure.
  • You get to learn the significance the early detection of oral cancer holds as early diagnosis is the key to a good prognosis.
  • The CD also highlights the statistical analysis of the victims of oral cancer.

This video DVD package was awarded  the “Best New DVD Award” twice by the Clinical Research Associates commonly known as C.R.A.! The Clinical Research Associates also labelled the DVD package as the “Best Accompanying Product for a VELscope examination”. This terrific DVD package has also been put on display in DentalTown and HygieneTown which is a huge achievement! Click for great oral cancer exam reviews.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab the complete package now! It’s high time you began giving your clients a comprehensive and detailed oral cancer examination.

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  1. Tracy C. says:

    Thanks for sharing this valuable screening guide. Nice work here doctor 🙂

    • Jesse H. DMD says:

      With all these silly websites out there, I grateful for this great article about oral cancer screening. Very helpful. Your website keeps my internet hope alive. 🙂