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Dental Emergency Kits & Resources

Medical Emergency Crucial Information at your Fingertips

Medical EmergencyI had the pleasure of attending Mark Castle’s Medical Emergency Course… It was succinct, informative and very well presented. I take these courses whenever they are convenient in my busy schedule. You can’t learn these important protocols too many times. Mark had some excellent flow charts and other aids to help keep the crucial information at your fingertips.

– says Charles Barotz, DDS
Denver, CO

Consider visiting our dental emergency kit facebook page for more information about dentist office medical emergency. The dental emergency supplies and resources here help provide the dentist and team, including dental assistants, dental hygienists, front desk workers, plus physician teams and doctors, with written protocols and vital practice policies for medical emergency preparedness.

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Now Equipped & Confident for Emergency

emergencyThe workbook and office policy manual have given our dental team invaluable insights into organizing our entire dental office to handle potential medical emergencies. We now feel equipped and confident to provide the necessary care for our patients if they should have a medical emergency in our setting. Thanks for your help.

– says Dr. Michael Beckham,
Phoenix, AZ

There are many reasons to consider our dental office medical emergency kits. For more information about improving care through early recognition and diagnosis for oral cancer and medical emergencies in dentistry, check out some of the articles on our medical resources for dentists google page.

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Oral Cancer Exam – Importance of Regular Exams

oral cancer examThe video “Oral Cancer Exam” will help to raise the consciousness of dental professionals and the public on the importance of regular intra-oral and extra-oral examinations.

– says Olga A.C.Ibsen, RDH, MS
New York

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No Dental Office should be without this Emergency program

dental officeNo dental office in America should be without Dr. Mark Castles Dental Office Emergency kit and entire program of “Treating and Avoiding Dental Office Emergencies!”

In addition, believe me, there is nothing else in the marketplace like the Oral Cancer Exam and DVD presentation! Others talk about post diagnosis protocols, but none address DIAGNOSIS like this program does.

– says Dr. Woody Oakes
Author of the “Profitable Dentist Newsletter” and a prominent speaker and founder with the acclaimed “Excellence in Dentistry” seminar series.

Please visit our medical emergency in dental facebook page for more resources about avoiding costly legal settlements because medical emergency protocols and oral cancer protocols have not been established. In addition, information and resources are available that give “Peace of Mind” for all dental care providers by increasing the “standard of care” that your team delivers to patients.

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Must Have For All Dentists

5-star-jerry-wilckThe Comprehensive Head and Neck Examination DVD is a must have for all dentists and dental hygienists.

These vital protocols need to be adopted by all dental offices.

– says Jerry Wilck, DDS,
Yardley, PA,

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Following This Protocol Could Avoid many Legal Settlements

5-star-jeff-tonnerI highly recommend this video. Statistics from the ADA reveal the fact that one out of every six dentists will be involved in some type of legal entanglement. It is your responsibility, as a dentist, to review and update your patients medical history at each dental appointment.

If this protocol was followed in every dental office, many medical emergency incidents and legal settlements could be avoided.

In addition, failure to detect oral cancer is the number one area where dentists and hygienists can exceed their dental malpractice coverage limits. Practicing the techniques depicted in the Oral Cancer Exam video will greatly reduce your risk and could help “you save and improve the quality of someone’s life“.

– says Jeffrey Tonner JD,
Dental Malpractice Attorney

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Product Helped Detect Cancer


If my dentist or dental hygienist had done the “Oral Cancer Exam” shown in this video, my cancer could have been detected much earlier.

– says Kevin James,
Dental Dealer Representative and Oral Cancer Survivor

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Ideal Reference for the Entire Dental Team


The video production titled “Dental Office Emergencies: Treatment and Avoidance”, is an ideal reference for the entire dental team. This training video includes the most common dental office emergencies with discussion and simulation exercises. It is an effective teaching tool for both the new and the seasoned dental health practitioner.

–  says Claudine Sordyl, RN, MS
Associate Professor Dept. of Oral Surgery, Univ.of Detroit Mercy Dental School

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Tongue Cancer Battle Lost Without this Exam

tongue cancer

My husband lost his battle with tongue cancer June 28, 2006 at the very young of age of 43. He left behind and son and daughter. He had been complaining the throat irritation, ear pain and was constantly clearing his throat for a duration of about 18 months. Doctors ignored his complaints and at my insistance asked for a referral from his GP to see an ENT. ENT doctor told him he was getting too much water in his ear and suggested ear plugs in the shower. His dentist never performed an oral cancer examination. I just happened to log onto your website, and was very pleased to learn that someone in the medical community takes this oral cancer disease very seriously.

Thank you,
Website visitor

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Prepared our Department for Unexpected Medical Emergency



I just wanted to thank you for your medical emergencies product and program presented at Northern Arizona Dental Hygiene School.

Your efforts have prepared our dental hygiene department for the unexpected medical emergency. You have done an excellent job with the video!

– says  Shelly A.,
Northern Arizona University Dental Hygiene School

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