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Dental Office Medical Emergencies Pictoral Guide

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“This package is a must have item for every dental office”, says “Dentistry Today” in the August 2007 edition. It covers all aspects in the treatment of medical emergencies in your dental office. What you get: 26 page laminated “flip chart” and one 3 CE Credit Post Test. All for Only $ 89.95! Plus the 3 CE Credits!


Inside the Dental Office Medical Emergencies Guide:
• Precise and detailed “step by step” color photos on 26 pages provide clear directions for all medical emergencies. Patterned after similar EMS Guides!
• Handy “colored tabs” on every page insure fast identification and proper treatment steps for all medical emergencies.
Every staff member can apply this knowledge immediately.
• Outlines the “critical steps” for every medical emergency.
• Details how to “properly document” a medical emergency.
• What the 911 Caller “must state” when calling “ 911”.

What you will learn:
• How to develop “written protocols” to use for all medical emergencies
• How the “Guide” can serve as your “only defense” in the event of litigation
• Importance of regular “mock medical emergency drills”
• How to develop protocols for “treating conscious vs. unconscious patient”

The “Guide” comes with a “quality laminated finish” for sterilization purposes and durability. It comes complete with a “hook attachment” which allows the Guide to be placed in your office’s treatment rooms or any convenient central location. In the event of Dental Office Medical Emergencies, the “Guide” will always be there, even when the doctor is out of the office or if the emergency involves the doctor!

This product was featured in “HygieneTown”, April 2007 and “Dentistry Today”, August 2007. Many leading “dental and dental hygiene schools” are utilizing this important aid in their medical emergency training classes.
Dental Office Medical Emergencies

Get your copy…Today! Don’t rely on previously learned materials or “your memory”! When a medical emergency strikes your office, you’ve got to be prepared to react within a moment’s notice! Without any written protocols established, a jury will have a difficult time siding with a dentist and their staff in the event of litigation.

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1 review for Dental Office Medical Emergencies Pictoral Guide

  1. 5 out of 5

    This guide sheet was an excellent addition to the emergency kit we had already purchased. Spelled out the procedures my staff could follow in an emergency. Worth it.

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