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Dentist Medical Emergency DVD Package

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“This package is a “must have” item for every dental office”, says Dr. Woody Oakes from “Excellence in Dentistry”! It covers allaspects of medical emergencies! What you get: 55 Minute DVD Production; 25 Page Workbook; 8 Page Office Policy Manual. All for only $197.00! Plus 5 CE Credits!



  • Listen to a “leading defense attorney” and find out what he says about “medical emergencies” and what happened to a dentist and his staff who were not prepared!
  • Find out what “tactics” attorneys are using to obtain new plaintiffs / clients!
  • Find out why dentists are “sitting ducks” waiting to get served for a medical emergency gone wrong!
  • Find out why “proper documentation” may be “your only defense” in a medical emergency litigation! Are you doing it properly?
  • Find out why 81% of Independent C.R.A. evaluators recommended this product but failed to include it in their newsletter!

What you will learn:

  • Who are your “high risk” patients?
  • Which “medical history questions” are frequently overlooked?
  • What “staff roles” are crucial in a medical emergency?
  • What “crucial information” is necessary when calling 911?
  • What “critical emergency medications” are recommended by the ADA?
  • What “dental procedures” cause the highest risk for medical emergencies?
  • Why taking “blood pressures” prior to local anesthesia is a must?

This package was designed for the entire dental team”. Each person can benefit from this information, including the doctor! The staff benefits include:

  • Learning at his or her “own pace”
  • Training a “new hire” without taking any additional time
  • Provide “the doctor and staff” peace of mind

This package was featured in Dental Economics, May 2007, by Dr. Joe Blaes and Excellence in Dentisty by Dr. Woody Oakes, April of 2005. Purchase the entire package…Today! It’s Time to Get Your Office And Staff Prepared For Any Medical Emergency!

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1 review for Dentist Medical Emergency DVD Package

  1. 5 out of 5

    I found this DVD Package to be extremely valuable for our dental practice. We especially like the guidance on documentation to avoid litigation and the interview with the attorney about preparing for an emergency situation in the dental chair. Thank you!

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