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Oral Cancer Exam – Laminated Quick Guide

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The “Quick Guide” quickly and clearly demonstrates all “25 anatomical structures” to examine! The “Quick Guide” was developed to insure the doctor and hygienist are performing all the necessary examination steps in both “intra and extra oral patient examinations”! It comes with a “durable laminated finish” that will hold up to constant usage and it can be sterilized!  All for only $22.95!



The Oral Cancer Exam “Quick Guide” is meant to serve as a “companion” to facilitate interactive dialog with your patients. By handing the “Quick Guide” to your patient during the examination, it will serve to reinforce your office’s dedication to provide a thorough and comprehensive examination for all your patients. Your patients will appreciate your thoroughness! This simple act can result in “huge increases of patient referrals” to your practice.

What you get:

  • “25 clear and detailed” color photos depicting every anatomical structure
  • Instant “patient gratification”
  • Reduce legal actions for failure to detect oral cancer: #1 Cause of Legal Actions
  • Flip side: “details common symptoms” which have been shown lead to higher incidences of oral cancer
  • Details “current oral cancer facts” and profiles of “high risk patients”

The “Quick Guide” can be placed throughout your entire office!
Recommendations include: Office Reception Area: promotes patient conversation
All Treatment Rooms: insures usage and consistency

Pick up your “Quick Guide”..Today! For only $22.95!

Don’t become a “needless victim” due to failure to identify and diagnose oral cancer! The “potential legal issues” are staggering! When a failure to recognize, document or provide a timely patient referral does not occur, a jury will have a difficult time supporting the doctor or hygienist.

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1 review for Oral Cancer Exam – Laminated Quick Guide

  1. 5 out of 5

    This simple quick guide has been great for our dental practice. Staff just grab it and perform a fast exam. Recommended.

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